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Welcome dear costumer,

This is a brand new website. 

This offers you the possibility to exchange and/or expand your knowledge, about the heavenly bodies and their topics. 
There are so little people, who know the theory of the Earth, Sun and Moon and the Helicentric Model.
It is very important to know about Sun, Moon, Planets and Stars etc. The Truth is written in the stars, standing on the floor with both feet.

In this world of Fake-News, we to often don’t know what is real and what is Fake. We have to check and dubble-check everything and have to prove everything what has been told by science and governments etc. 

Where did we come from, why are we here on Earth and what else is there to see in the sky? Question needs answers. 

What can we see with the telescope, how to make pictures and films of the heavenly bodies, what are good products you need, helpfull apps etc. 

Amateurs and well-known scientists, are you interested to share your thoughts and or pictures here?
You can discuss your topics and/or 
problems on the forum. 
You can also send your pictures. Every month we chose some pictures to expose them here, email:

The aim of the Institute of Real Science is: 

  • To show how beautiful the Night sky is
  • Promote the Science about the heavenly bodies to much more people. The basic theory you can find here
    Research learns that there are only a very few people know the theory of the heliocentric model.
  • Especially in a time that a lot of people are at home and can do something else from their backyard
  • New ways to look at the stars and planets and make pictures and films of it
  • Bring people with the same interests together
  • Discuss topics
  • To exchange and/or expand your knowledge
  • Find the truth
  • Recommend good and professional stores, where you can buy your photo/film and telescope equipment
  • Information about Workshops in your neighborhood or promote workshops
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